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Shah Unnati, Shah Ripal, Acharya Sanjeev, Acharya Niyati. Novel anticancer agents from plant sources[J]. Chinese Journal of Natural Medicines, 2013, 11(1): 16-23

Novel anticancer agents from plant sources

Shah Unnati1, Shah Ripal2, Acharya Sanjeev3, Acharya Niyati3
1 Pioneer Pharmacy Degree College, Vadodara-390019, India;
2 Sun Pharma Advanced Research Centre, Vadodara-390020, India;
3 Institute of Pharmacy, Nirma University, Sarkhej-Gandhinagar Highway, Ahmedabad-382481, India
Plants remain an important source of new drugs,new drug leads and new chemical entities.Plant based drug discovery resulted mainly in the development of anticancer and anti-infectious agents,and continues to contribute to the new leads in clinical trials.Natural product drugs play a dominant role in pharmaceutical care.Several plant-derived compounds are currently successfully employed in cancer treatment.There are many classes of plant-derived cytotoxic natural products studied for further improvement and development of drugs.New anticancer drugs derived from research on plant antitumor agents will be continuously discovered.The basic aim of this review is to explore the potential of newly discovered anticancer compounds from medicinal plants,as a lead for anticancer drug development.It will be helpful to explore the medicinal value of plants and for new drug discovery from them for the researchers and scientists around the globe.
Key words:    Cancer    Anticancer agents    Medicinal plants   
Received: 2011-12-31   Revised:
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